The Kickstarter campaign to commission surveys of the Whiteladies Picture House in order to produce architectural artwork that will help save the building has reached its target of £10,000.

Perhaps one day, this balcony will no longer just be gathering dust:

Whiteladies Picture House Bristol balcony

The target may have been exceeded, but all the extra money raised until the Kickstarter campaign closes at 7pm on Sunday will be spent on a variety of extras including:

  • The production of further architectural drawings to contribute towards planning applications and further funding applications;
  • Employing cinema/theatre and acoustic consultants to provide input to the concept design;
  • Employing a quantity surveyor to assess the value of the project and the construction budget.

Although not the most exciting of things to be spending money on, this all has to happen if the building is ever going to be returned to past glories.

Whiteladies Picture House vintage view

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  1. Keeno says:

    brilliant stuff!! I love it when the internets do something good and bring together people and make community projects like this possible. Just like Roll for the Soul, the soon to be bike hub on Nelson Street which crowdfunded and is a few days from opening.

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