1) Newshound (Nick Park): Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery

Gromit Unleashed - Newshound by Nick Park

2) TutanGromit (Dale Evans): Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery

Gromit Unleashed - TutanGromit by Dale Evans

3) Bushed (David Inshaw): RWA

Gromit Unleashed - Bushed by David Inshaw

4) Vincent van Gromit (Laura Cramer): Elton Road

Gromit Unleashed - Vincent Van Gromit by Laura Cramer

5) Golden Gromit (Julie Vernon): Victoria Rooms

Gromit Unleashed - Golden Gromit by Julie Vernon

6) Sir Gromit of Bristol (Ian Marlow): St George’s

Gromit Unleashed - Sir Gromit of Bristol by Ian Marlow

7) Poetry in Motion (Joanna Lumley): College Green

Gromit Unleashed - Poetry in Motion by Joanna Lumley

8) Where’s Wallace? (Martin Handford): Bristol Marriott Royal

Gromit Unleashed - Where's Wallace by Martin Handford

9) The Grommalo (Axel Scheffler): Bristol Central Library

Gromit Unleashed - The Grommalo by Axel Scheffler

10) Steam Dog (Dan Shearn): At-Bristol

Gromit Unleashed - Steam Dog by Dan Shearn

11) Astro Dog (Ignition DG): Millennium Square

Gromit Unleashed - Astro Dog by Ignition DG

12) Fish Tales (Jeremy Wade): Bristol Aquarium

Gromit Unleashed - Fish Tales by Jeremy Wade

13) A Close Shave (Harry Hill): Tourist Information Centre

Gromit Unleashed - A Close Shave by Harry Hill

14) Salty Sea Dog (Peter Lord): Cascade Steps

Gromit Unleashed - Salty Sea Dog by Peter Lord

15) Hero (Tom Deams): Subway Harbourside

Gromit Unleashed - Hero by Tom Deams

16) Bark at Ee (Leigh Flurry): Queen Square

Gromit Unleashed - Bark at Ee by Leigh Flurry

17) Groscar (Chris Taylor): Thunderbolt Square

Gromit Unleashed - Groscar by Chris Taylor

18) Butterfly (Philip Treacy): Bristol Old Vic

Gromit Unleashed - Butterfly by Philip Treacy

19) The King (Stephen McKay): King Street

Gromit Unleashed - The King by Stephen McKay

20) Carosello (Giuliano Carapia): Spyglass

Gromit Unleashed - Carosello by Giuliano Carapia

21) What a Wind Up! (Trevor Baylis): Redcliff Street

Gromit Unleashed - What a Wind Up! by Trevor Baylis

22) Jack (Martin Band): Hargreaves Lansdown, Anchor Road

Gromit Unleashed - Jack by Martin Band

23) Bumble Boogie (Sarah Jane Richards [with music by Jools Holland]): Colston Hall

Gromit Unleashed - Bumble Boogie by Sarah Jane Richards

24) Gizmo (Quentin Blake): The Art of Gromit Unleashed shop, Upper Maudlin Street

Gromit Unleashed - Gizmo by Quenton Blake

25) Canis Major (Katy Christianson): Hotel Du Vin, Lewins Mead

Gromit Unleashed - Canis Major by Katy Christianson

26) Nezahualcoyotl (Joseph Dunmore): Stanfords, Corn Street

Gromit Unleashed - Nezahualcoyotl by Joseph Dunmore

27) Why Dog? Why? (Mark Titchner): St Nicholas Market

Gromit Unleashed - Why Dog? Why? by Mark Titchner

28) Collarfull (Hannah Cumming): Castle Park

Gromit Unleashed - Collarfull by Hannah Cumming

29) Gromitasaurus (Huncan Daskell): The Galleries

Gromit Unleashed - Gromitasaurus by Huncan Daskell

30) Malago (Dan Collings): Broadmead

Gromit Unleashed - Malago

31) Lancelot (Paul Smith): Quakers Friars

Gromit Unleashed - Lancelot

32) Grosmos (Cheba): Harvey Nichols

Gromit Unleashed - Grosmos by Cheba

33) Gromit Lightyear (Pixar): Showcase Cinema de Lux, Cabot Circus

Gromit Unleashed - Gromit Lightyear

34) Doodles (Simon Tofield): Cabot Circus

Gromit Unleashed - Doodles

35) Gnashional Gromit (The Beano): Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre

Gromit Unleashed - Gnashional Gromit by The Beano

36) A Grand Day Out (Andy O’Rourke): Creative Common

Gromit Unleashed - A Grand Day Out by Andy O'Rourke

37) May Contain Nuts (& Bolts) (Natalie Guy): Bristol Temple Meads

Gromit Unleashed - May Contain Nuts (& Bolts) by Natalie Guy

38) Isambark Kingdog Brunel (Tim Miness): Bristol Temple Meads

Gromit Unleashed - Isambark Kingdog Brunel by Tim Miness

39) Stat’s the way to do it, Lad! (Gavin Strange): Aardman Animations, Gas Ferry Road

Gromit Unleashed - Stat's the way to do it, Lad! by Gavin Strange

40) Blazing Saddles (Carys Ink): DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol City Centre

Gromit Unleashed - Blazing Saddles by Carys Ink

41) Bunty (Paula Bowles): St Mary Redcliffe

Gromit Unleashed - Bunty by Paula Bowles

42) Watch Out Gromit! (Gerald Scarfe): M Shed

Gromit Unleashed - Watch Out Gromit! by Gerald Scarfe

43) National Treasure (The Royal Mint): M Shed

Gromit Unleashed - National Treasure by The Royal Mint

44) NewFoundLand (One Red Shoe): The Matthew

Gromit Unleashed - NewFoundLand by One Red Shoe

45) Being Gromit Malkovich (Thomas Dowdeswell): ss Great Britain

Gromit Unleashed - Being Gromit Malkovich by Thomas Dowdeswell

46) Gromberry (Simon Tozer): The Pumphouse

Gromit Unleashed - Gromberry by Simon Tozer

47) Patch (Emily Golden): Clifton Hill

Gromit Unleashed - Patch by Emily Golden

48) Sheepdog (Richard ‘Golly’ Starzak): The Mall Gardens

Gromit Unleashed - Sheepdog by Richard Golly Starzak

49) Dog Rose (Ros Franklin): Whiteladies Road

Gromit Unleashed - Dog Rose by Ros Franklin

50) Sugar Plum (Celia Birtwell): Redgrave Theatre

Gromit Unleashed - Sugar Plum by Celia Birtwell

51) A Mandrill’s Best Friend (Vivi Cuevas): Bristol Zoo

Gromit Unleashed - A Mandrill's Best Friend by Vivi Cuevas

52) Gromit-o-Matic (Donough O’Malley): Brunel Mile (off Anchor Road)

Gromit Unleashed - Gromit O'Matic by Donough O'Malley

53) Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion (Sarah Matthews): Sion Hill, Clifton

Gromit Unleashed - Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion

54) Fiesta (Lindsay McBirnie): Avon Gorge Hotel

Gromit Unleashed - Fiesta by Lindsay McBirnie

55) Grant’s Gromit (Rosie Ashforth): Ashton Court

Gromit Unleashed - Gromit's Gromit by Rosie Ashforth

56) Creature Comforts (Sneaky Raccoon): Riverside Garden Centre, Clift House Road (off Coronation Road)

Gromit Unleashed - Creature Comforts by Sneaky Raccoon

57) Paisley (Nia Samuel-Johnson): North Street

Gromit Unleashed - Paisley by Nia Samuel-Johnson

58) Grrrrromit (Carys Ink): Windmill Hill City Farm

Gromit Unleashed - Grrrrromit by Carys Ink

59) Hullaballoon (Monster Riot): Arnos Vale Cemetery

Gromit Unleashed - Hullaballoon by Monster Riot

60) Lodekka (Ignition DG): Just off Lawrence Hill roundabout

Gromit Unleashed - Lodekka by Ignition DG

61) Snow Gromit (Raymond Briggs): J3 Library

Gromit Unleashed - Snow Gromit by Raymond Briggs

62) Feathers (Dave Bain): Gloucester Road

Gromit Unleashed - Feathers by Dave Bain

63) Poochadelic (Lisa Hassell): Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

Gromit Unleashed - Poochadelic by Lisa Hassell

64) Blossom (Emily Ketteringham): The Downs

Gromit Unleashed - Blossom by Emily Ketteringham

65) Zodiac (Inkie): Arnolfini

Gromit Unleashed - Zodiac by Inkie

66) Hound Dog (Peter Blake): Arnolfini

Gromit Unleashed - Hound Dog by Peter Blake

67) It’s Kraken, Gromit! (Filthy Luker): The Downs

Gromit Unleashed - It's Kraken, Gromit! by Filthy Luker

68) Five a Day Dog (Laura Cramer): Henleaze Road 

Gromit Unleashed - Five a Day Dog by Laura Cramer

69) Roger (Richard Williams): Fountain Square, Staple Hill

Gromit Unleashed - Roger by Richard Williams

70) The Wild West (Amy Timms): Cribbs Causeway Retail Park

Gromit Unleashed - The Wild West by Amy Timms

71) The Green Gromit (Zayn Malik): The Mall at Cribbs Causeway

Gromit Unleashed - The Green Gromit by Zayn Malik

72) Antique Rose (Cath Kidston): The Mall at Cribbs Causeway

Gromit Unleashed - Antique Rose by Cath Kidston

73) Two Eds are Better than One (Peter Brookes): Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke

Gromit Unleashed - Two Eds Are Better Than One by Peter Brookes

74) Harmony (Marie Simpson): The Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton

Gromit Unleashed - Harmony by Marie Simpson

75) Eldoradog (Seb Burnett): Westonbirt Arboretum

Gromit Unleashed - Eldoradog by Seb Burnett

76) Oops a Daisy (Diarmuid Gavin): Tyntesfield

Gromit Unleashed - Oops a Daisy by Diarmuid Gavin

77) Bristol Bulldog (Dan Shearn): Bristol Airport

Gromit Unleashed - Bristol Bulldog by Dan Shearn

78) The Secret Garden (Sarah-Jane Grace): Lye Cross Farm

Gromit Unleashed - The Secret Garden by Sarah-Jane Grace

79) aMazing Gromit (Tom Berry): Cheddar Gorge

Gromit Unleashed - aMazing Gromit by Tom Berry

80) Gromit (Aardman Animations): Paddington station

Gromit Unleashed - Gromit Aardman Animations Paddington station