Champagne on the Steps

It was when Eve Hall was on holiday in South America, unsure about what to do with her life while drinking wine in the sunshine, that she decided to come back to her home city of Bristol to open a shop.

This wasn’t to be any old shop though, but a shop that in Eve’s words only sells “delicious things”.

Champagne on the Steps - Eve Hall

“I wanted to open a wine shop because I love wine and think that people should enjoy buying it as much as they enjoy drinking it,” Eve, 24, from Westerleigh, told Bristol Culture.

Champagne on the Steps is now open on the Christmas Steps. It has wallpaper featuring colourful flowers and birds, and oversize wine glasses and champagne flutes in the windows, but what it most unusual is that it sells wine on tap to take away.

In Italy, this is called “sfuso”, or loose wine, and is often sold in shops, traditionally from small local vineyards.

Bottles at Champagne on the Steps are for sale from £1, which are then corked to be drunk. You can taste and then choose your wine, then fill up your bottle to take away.

Three English wines are currently being sold this way at Champagne on the Steps: nettle, sloe and ginger. There are also three Italian wines, a Merlot, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Prosecco.

Champagne on the Steps inside

According to Eve, drinking wine this way is not just better for the environment as it cuts down on the huge amount of glass waste produced each year.

It also means that you get better wine for your money as you are not paying for the bottling, labelling and extra transport costs, and is of course also much more fun.

As well as the wine on tap, in the future Eve hopes to sell lots of sparkling wines from all over the world.

“Basically I think that bottles of wine and champagne are supposed to be wonderful, decadent and exciting things and shouldn’t be sold in dull, soulless shops by people in matching polo shirts who aren’t excited.

“I am pleased every time someone buys something from me because I imagine what a nice time they will have when they go home.

“Everyone can drink lovely wine and become a bit more knowledgeable about what they drink; you don’t have be pretentious or a millionaire.”

Champagne on the Steps outside

Champagne on the Steps, 17 Christmas Steps, Bristol, BS1 5BS.
0117 929 9642.

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