I never thought I would write the words, ‘Dita Von Teese to perform at Bristol Museum’, but then neither did I think that there would ever be Lib Dems sat around the Cabinet table, and we all know about that.

This evening, acclaimed burlesque star, former stripper and former wife of goth rocker Marilyn Manson, will be performing in front of a specially invited audience at the City Museum & Art Gallery. The occasion is the launch party of Art From the New World, described as a “big, brash exhibition of the new American art scene”.

The curator of the exhibition said that he could have chosen anywhere in Europe for the show, but he chose Bristol after visting the museum for the Banksy show last year. This is quite a coup for the city.

And what of Dita (left)? Although burlesque is in my eyes, simply high class stripping, Miss Von Teese is its best known practitioner. There has been the obvious hoo-hah about her performing in a council-owned building, with the council defending themselves by saying that no public money is involved. Nor should it be. This is a private party that simply happens to be taking place in a public building.

I think that contrary to its traditional old and stuffy image, the Banksy exhibition showed what an exciting and vibrant place museums can be. The exhibitions do not have to remain static. G-strings and nipple tassles have never been seen in the museum before, especially on the gyrating body of a modern day feminist icon, but their appearance once again confirms that Bristol - as its museum has become Рis an exciting and vibrant place.

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