Bristol Bad Film Club’s appropriation of the city’s coat of arms for a new logo, “recognisably Bristol, but with elements that are clearly from ‘bad’ movies”, has got them in hot water with the city council.

Bristol Bad Film Club bad logo

“Unfortunately due to the use of the elements of the BCC logo, we can’t allow you to use them this way,” Bristol Bad Film Club were told in no uncertain terms when they checked with the council whether their logo was okay.

“There are two issues that concern me; it could be seen as either part of BCC or that you are funded by the BCC.

“It also gives the impression you are ‘destroying’ the ship and tower and as they are elements of the BCC logo, this doesn’t reflect well.”

So it was back to the drawing board for designer Sian Rees.

Bristol Bad Film Club co-founder Timon Singh thinks, however, that the second version of the logo is even better than the first.

He said: “Now she has created a logo that not only surpasses her first attempt, but is as Bristolian as Isambard Kingdom Brunel eating a Magic Roll at the Watershed, whilst watching the best of Aardman Animations.”

Bristol Bad Film Club good logo

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  1. Phil says:

    I so prefer the second the logo, great job, the first one just looked like it was council bashing.

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    I must say, as a Bristolian I was very offended by the first logo. Good job by the Council standing up to these ruffian types. I would have sued, and sued big if it was up to me.

  3. Strange they don’t go after this one from the Bristolian:

    Perhaps know what response they’d get?

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