As residents in Old Market ask for a new supermarket as part of their newly published Neighbourhood Development Plan, many people living near Whiteladies Road are aghast that yet another supermarket is coming to their own neighbourhood.

Work has now started to turn the former Texaco garage into a new Tesco. Read the plans here on the Bristol City Council planning website.

If built, it will be the fifth supermarket on Whiteladies Road, not including the large Sainsbury’s and Waitrose on the Triangle, with M&S also believed to be interested in the current Territorial Army base.

Tesco Whiteladies Road

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  1. Lionel Friedland says:

    What is important is the quality of urban design proposed on a site left blighted since the last war.Do the current proposals succeed or fail in this respect? The retail content of the area incidentally has had little regard for the architecture of the area,with some excellent elevations being almost hacked to death.
    Is the treatment of the elevation along Oakfield Road appropriate, is the elevation along Whiteladies Road
    appropriate, has the bulk of the building been well handled ?
    Then your thoughts on Tesco.

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